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Welcome to Our Co-operative Society

welcome to Nawa Srijanshil

The office of this Nawa Srijanshil  Savings and Credit Co-operative Society Ltd., established in accordance with the Government of Nepal Co-operatives Act, 2048 BS on 4 th Asaar 2065 BS, is located at Ka.Ma.Pa-7, Chabahil . Before Srijanshil  Savings Fund has been established with the objective of solving small financial problems by mobilizing small savings from around 24 creative young entrepreneurs from since 28th Bhadra, 2057 BS. Registered Current Nawa Srijanshil  Savings and Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. The organization, which came into operation with a small capital...

Nawa Srijanshil Saving and Credit Cooperative Society Ltd.

  • Address: Kathmandu Metropolitan City 7,Chabhil,Kathmandu
  • Establishment: 2065/03/04
  • Workingplace: Gokarneshwor Municipality, Budhanilkantha Municipality, Kageshwori Manohara, Kathmandu Mahanagarpalika.

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2074/075 2075/076 2076/077 2077/078
Revenue 16636111 21156927 21925078 23875751
Income 3866766 8269931 6295990 7197911
Capital 124292218 145539557 161533842 198912626

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